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Meresool, millel on tervistavad omadused ja mis aitab taimede toimeained välja tuua ning kubudel kauem soe püsida. Nälja ja väsinud jalgade pärast ei pea muretsema. Allusion to textile art can also be noted in bathrooms — light coloured clinker tiles resemble charming patchwork quilt pattern.

COM Pärnu Where to go and what to do, if you want experience local colours and tastes in addition to your pleasant spa vacation? The choice is yours — enjoy your vacation to the fullest! A growing number of people have chosen walking as a simplest way to get positive emotions and become healthier.

Beach promenade, which is winding down the beach has about it the aura of a true resort and creates fantastic feelings, especially in the evening when elaborate lighting and the playing colours of the fountains offer a sight in themselves. As a matter of fact, there are two of those in Pärnu, both a little over two kilometres long.

The breakwater on the left bank of the river has become a symbol of Pärnu, but the other one on the side of Old-Pärnu is also nice for walking.

Crele Barrel liigesed Hind

To reach the break­ water go to the Emajõe street and walk till you get to the sea. Turn to the left, take the footpath and when you reach to the Old-Pärnu bird watching tower, the breakwater can be seen.

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The bird watching tower between the river and the sea on the Old-Pärnu meadow is an ideal place for spotting birds in the reed, seaside grasslands and gliding over the sea, there is also a good view of the Pärnu river, the breakwaters and the beach. Not far away from the breakwater there is the start of the Jaanson path. This is somewhat more strenuous, for the length of the path is eight kilometres. The effort, however, is rewarded by fabulous views of the sea, historic Great-River Liideste musta rediside ravi and city Crele Barrel liigesed Hind.

Another option is to bike the path. The Pärnu coastal meadow hiking trail stands right by the sea in the middle of the Pärnu beach — it starts at the surf club. Wide boardwalk is built above the sea shore and reeds, enabling to view unique and protected plants.

The trail raises gently and is accessible both with a pram and a wheelchair, offering astounding views of the surroundings from the viewing platform. Pärnu Vallikäär Pärnu fortification moat is full of charm with its well-lit winding promenade, the romantic footbridge Pohjus valu puusaliigese spans over the moat and the Estonian highest fountain in the middle of the moat.

For little ones, there is a playground. Every park, house and a street in Pärnu has its story. During every summer guided thematic tours are arranged in the centre of the city.

Do you know on which street in Pärnu you can meet a medie­ val humming monk? Or which is the most haunted house in the summer capital?

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Pärnu Ghost Tour will lead you to the most interesting places and trails in Pärnu introducing notorious tales about the dark side of the city. For further information, see: westestonia.

Crele Barrel liigesed Hind

And of course, Pärnu offers adventures that take more time — these could be undertaken before you arrive to the spa hotel. For further information, see www.

The first links golf course in the Baltic countries is waiting for you! Pärnu Bay Golf Links features in addition to a 18 hole course a par-3 course with five holes and driving ranges for practising long swings and short strokes.

There is another golf course in Valgeranna. For further information, see: www. The sandy bottom of the Pärnu bay and shallow waters are ideal for stand-up paddle boarding SUP i. Come to a training session: paddle boarding is great in the morning, refreshing du­ ring lunch break or ideal for getting some exercise in the eve­ ning. Regular sessions keep you nicely in shape. On the kayaking trip, you will see many inter­ esting sights of Pärnu including the Pärnu Yacht Club, Pärnu beach, Vallikäär and breakwaters.

A break is made at the bird watching tower at the Vana-Pärnu beach for lunch and stretching legs. Another way to enjoy charming views of Pärnu Bay is to go fishing.

Crele Barrel liigesed Hind

Meal prepared together makes the trip particularly memorable. From Vallikäär you can hop on a boat that tours the river and the sea. And why not rent a yacht with a captain from the Yacht Club and sail to enjoy the sunset?

When winds blowing from the beach have forced the sea to withdraw and the sun has not yet dried the sand making it soft, it is a pleasure to bike on the sandy seabed. A great fun for an early riser! Children and young adults like to test their skills in adventure parks. There are pleasant adventure trails right aside the beach promenade. Another and bigger adventure park can be found in Valgeranna near Pärnu. Electric skateboard safari is another fun and athletic opportunity to spend some time with your friends, colleagues or family either in town or in the woods.

Off-road electric skate­ board is controlled by hand-held accelerator and breaks. When you just love engines, go get your share of adrenaline from the Pärnu Go-karting Centre or from auto24circuit, the Estonian one and only closed circuit meant for racing cars and motorcycles. The leading actor is Rudolf Visnapuu, the chef of restaurant NOOT, and all that is cooked together will end up in the stomach of participants. For further information, please contact: e-mail events spaestonia.

Crele Barrel liigesed Hind


Under the guidance of an instructor you can participate in the health food studio in the Maarja-Magdaleena Gild. From there can get a hearty smoothie or a nice cup of coffee to go. There are many interesting manufacturers of Estonian food in Pärnu county. Tamme farm grows in its herb Kui supercooling valutab valus liigesed exciting plants from all over the world.

Exotic vegetables and edible ornamental plants are also grown in the garden.

Exquisite flavours and aromas! How about travelling in time: to the Stone Age and back enjoying the flavours of different historic periods? The best restaurants of Pärnu participate in the annual Pärnu restaurant week 1 — 9 April. This is a week to visit various eateries and pamper your Crele Barrel liigesed Hind buds. Be quick and book a table in time! During two days, more than caterers from Estonia and abroad offer a great variety of fabulous flavours. There are plenty open air restaurants and coffee-shops and even one for your furry friends.

Grillfest comprises several interesting events: the Good Food Fair, national fishing and cooking competitions, concerts of well-known artists. For the little ones, playground is open. Pärnu is rich in cosy coffee-shops and 7 —15 October a popular Pärnu Cafe Week takes place. Best offers and flavours are there for you! For further information, see: jaanihanso.

Guided tours in Estonian and Finnish. Weekend festival Impressions and festival fun Summer in Pärnu is busy: theatre shows and concerts, music festivals and art exhibitions reach far into the autumn.

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From 30 June till 2 July of July Pärnu Vallikäär and Munamägi wait for you to enjoy Medieval heritage culture — next Hanseatic Days take place, including rich cultural program and a lot of bargaining.

On 22 July, there is a Festival of Happy Children in the Beach Park, which provides a lot of joy and warm emotions both to children, their parents and grandparents. This is a day full of excitement, music, singing, good and healthy food, DIY activities and festival fun.

Crele Barrel liigesed Hind

Graphics take over the Pärnu art galleries and whole city from 23 July till 30 August of August. Exhibitions introduce programs of internationally well-known artists and artist groups. The festival showcases innovative approaches from all over the world.

What would Pärnu be without its famous Weekend festival? The biggest party of Northern Europe takes place from 3 — 5 August.

Crele Barrel liigesed Hind

Entertaining musicians add to the atmosphere. See you 4 — 5 August! Conductors Neeme Järvi and his sons Paavo and Kristjan Järvi take care of the artistic side of the concert. During the Academy, top level courses are held for conductors, composers and orchestra musicians. Some master classes are open for the wider public. This is the night to enjoy Crele Barrel liigesed Hind, art and culture in the whole area from the city Crele Barrel liigesed Hind to the beach.

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The menu of the Festival offers treats to everyone. It includes literature, art, music, theatre and food events.

COM Pärnu Where to go and what to do, if you want experience local colours and tastes in addition to your pleasant spa vacation?

Streets, gardens and parks are packed with culture — for you to enjoy! The exhibition targets various sub tunes in the relationship between men and women.

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Hea disain laseb pilgul puhata ja kui puhkab pilk, siis puhkab ka keha. M pilgule eie spaas hästi puhanud klientidel tekib seetõttu aeg-ajalt õigustatud küsimus — kes on hotelli ja spaa sisekujunduse autorid? Crele Barrel liigesed Hind kolm esimest töötavad KOKO-s ka praegu ning tut­ vustavad oma ideid-mõtteid ja Kõik algas konkursikavandi ettevalmistamisest ehitaja ja arhitektide koostöös. See etapp kestis mitu kuud ning oli sisearhitektide sõnul keeruline nagu Nokia otsimine.

Hotelli­kompleksi sisearhitektuuri üldteemaks oli loomulikult Eesti, aga kuidas seda lahendada?

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Otstarbekas tundus jagada maja mõttelisteks osadeks ja leida nendele märksõnad, millega kõigil seostuks ühine visioon. Spaamajas võis mõtteliselt eristada spaakabinette, veekeskust ja konverentsikeskust, igaühel neist omamoodi iseloom ja funktsioon.

Hotellimajas eeldasid omaette kompaktset lähene­ mist restoran ja hotellitoad. Milliste märksõnade järgi sisearhitektid neid mõttelisi hoone­osi kujundasid?

Crele Barrel liigesed Hind

Kas meie tunneme valmis ruumides ära sisearhitektide algse idee? Vihje rändlindudele leiab kohe põrandavaiba mustrist. Küllap on nii mõnigi külaline linnukujutiste hulgast luike või hane otsinud või lihtsalt nuputanud, keda seal ikkagi on kujuta­ tud.