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The cleaning brush can be filled with cleaning liquid.

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Press the top cover button, the cleaning liquid flows out automatically, and the time for holding down the button is controlled according to the amount of use.

It is easy to clean, after use, it can be dried as long as it is rinsed with water.

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Application scope: Suitable for cleaning electromagnetic oven surface shell, ceramic panel, glass cooker, rice cooker Teflon, spraying liner, range hood glass panel, metal paint box and other kitchen appliances. Instructions: 1.

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Fill the cleaning solution: Unscrew the cleaning brush top cover counterclockwise, lay it flat, add the cleaning solution diluted according to actual use conditionsand tighten the cover. Daily cleaning: Press the cleaning brush top cover key switch to let the cleaning liquid flow out automatically and mix with water.

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Hold the cleaning brush to Hurt harja palmi it. After use, wash the cleaning brush in clean water and dry it. Color:As the picture shows Size Teil on 2 nädalat taotleda tagasimakset kuni Toode ei vasta kirjeldusele?

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