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Kas on võimalik, et see tuleb minust? In Martinez, the Shell Oil Company converted its old mess hall into a temporary hospital for employees.

In Martinez, the Shell Oil Company converted its old mess hall into a temporary hospital for employees. Workers who fell ill had to present a doctor's certificate verifying their recovery before they could come back inside the refinery gates. Many cities aggressively enforced mask requirements. Oakland created a person special police force to crack down on its residents, notes Rex Adams in an article for the Chronicle of the University of California.

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Two days after Berkeley's mask ordinance took effect, authorities arrested men and four women "mask slackers. Fears of the virus extended to weddings. On Oct. To protect the city, the university quarantined the SATC students, banning them from leaving campus. As the virus spread throughout the university, halls and gyms became infirmaries for hundreds of ill students.

Classes continued, but with many empty seats. The UC Berkeley president recommended a moratorium on new class assignments for 10 days to prevent large numbers of students from falling behind.

The demand for masks exceeded supply.

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One student, writing in the UC Berkeley campus newspaper, remarked on the anonymity of those who wore masks. No doubt several unintentional 'snubs' were given and probably some may have thought a wildly democratic fever had suddenly seized every member of the university. Few of us stopped to consider the serious side of the order issued to wear masks. Why to bioattacks present special challenges and high-stakes decisions for leaders?

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A deliberate epidemic poses compounded, unfamiliar dangers in today's setting. Most elected U. Even less familiar is the premeditated use of disease as a weapon. Leaders and the public may deny that a problem exists, or intervene too quickly without regard to the negative effects of their actions.

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The nature of a disease, a population's vitality, and the responsiveness of health institutions affect how an epidemic unfolds.

Case studiesInformation about SARS ElusiveAnthrax Evades Easy Answers A mysterious disease can trigger the human reflex to isolate oneself and blame others for the tragedy or, in deep contrast, to care for victims without regard to one's own safety. Case Study Posted by Sue at Permalink Comments 0 juhtimisest ja usaldusest kriisiolukorras How to Lead during Bioattacks with Dice Brush Hurt Public's Trust and Help What situations splinter the social trust necessary to cope with health crises, and how might they be defused?

Breaches of social trust are a common predicament for leaders during outbreaks and are likely to arise during a bioattack. Social and economic fault lines as well as preconceived notions about "the government," "the public," and "the media" can alienate leaders and the public, and community members from one another.

Do not withhold information because you think people will panic. Creative coping is the norm; panic is the exception. Answering questions is not a distraction from managing the crisis; it is managing the crisis.

Refine your outreach efforts; the current ones may not be working.

He doesn’t know when it’s coming, or how bad it will be. But Dr.

Mix high-tech outreach internet, cable, network, print, radio, cell phone, automated hotlines with contact through grassroots leaders. Posted by Sue at Permalink Comments 0 Envoy 24 March International officials are issuing warnings about preparedness because the avian influenza epidemic among animals could evolve into a human influenza pandemic. With an eye toward Dice Brush Hurt potential crisis, Nabarro also discussed the need for governments to develop contingency plans for maintaining continuity of government as well as the rule of law.

See related article. According to Nabarro, avian influenza has spread to 20 countries during the last six weeks alone and has recently moved into the Gaza Strip as well as settlements in the West Bank. David Nabarro - U. Does anyone know exactly what its origin is? Old Norse 'huka' means to squat. Modern Dutch 'huiken' and German 'hocken,' meaning to squat or crouch.

The word is popular in American English, in phrases like 'hunker down' or 'on your hunkers. Hunker down has also taken on the sense of to hide, hide out, or take shelter, whatever position you choose to do it in.

This was a south-western US dialect form that was popularised by President Johnson in the mid s. Mis see on?! Fakk, ma lõikasin kätte! See ei ole klaas, see on faking süstal. Persse, kus ma olen?

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Ma ei saa hingata, pimedus on mattev, nii tihe, et siia ei mahu isegi õhk. Ma imen õhku pimedusest ning see maitseb rumalalt, nagu ainult akadeemiale kirjutatud lõputööd, keskpärased inimesed, neoliberaalne kapitalism ja kättesaamatud fantaasiad. Rumaluse maitse on võigas ja ma hakkan oksele ja minust voolab sajandeid ängistust, allasurutud tunge ja allaantud võitlusi, kõik sama mustad kui minu silmanägemine, sajandeid surmakultuuri, kontide jumaldamist ja mälestustes jobistamist.

Õhk saab otsa ja ma lämbun ning komistan ja kukun käed ees teadmatuse suunas ja süstlad läbistavad mind kui tumedad gammakiired ja põrand on kadunud, okset voolab lisaks suule ka rindkeres olevatest mikroskoopilistest aukudest, kuivand verest tumedale ohvrikivile langevad sapised pritsmed, see on minu panus esivanemate ohvritele ja muinasjumalused vahutavad vihas, et ma ka selle fetiši rüvetan.

Oota, midagi nagu näeks, midagi kumab, kuskilt tuleb valgus, kuskilt peab tulema valgus, midagi helgib, midagi särab. Midagi hiilgab!

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Mis see on, kust see tuleb? Kas on võimalik, et see tuleb minust? Et mina hiilgan? Minu hing särab kui hõbedane iidol, kaetud ornamentide ja pimeduseaegades kaotatud salakeelte šriftidega. Ma viskan veel sappi ja pimeduses peegeldub hõbeda kumas ei midagi muud kui minu argine keskkond, linn ja mets, vaenlased ja sõbrad, inimesed ja džinnid. See pimedus ei olnud hukk ega põhjakäik, põhi on lõputu nagu ka teadvus. See hiilgus ei ole emantsipatsioon, ma olen sinisilmne kurat ning võim, vale ja ahnus on minuga, et neid jätkuvalt surmata.

See on igavene Dice Brush Hurt, mis lööb pimeduse katki kui välk. Tradition, alteration and mutilation — things we do and things being done Tradition, alteration and mutilation — things we do and things being done Essay Tallinn Introduction Writing about genital alterations is not an easy task.

First of all one has to read through myriad of materials which are not the easiest to digest.

April 1, 4. Sulgen ja avan uusti aga sama lugu, ma olen keset pilkast pimedust ja mu silm ei erista ei valget mustast, punast rohelisest, midagi millestki, ma olen keset kottpimedust ja ma ei näe midagi peale pimeduse.

I come from a society which views any kind of genital alteration as something bizarre and odd. But this is when we think of it only as an initiation ritual such as male circumcision of Jews. There is a lot more going on with our genitals, things like body modifications, piercing, sex change operations etc, and this is mostly done by ourselves or professionals, depending on the societies expectations and readiness.

What is acceptable? Genital alterations is a very complex and multifaceted issue which makes it Dice Brush Hurt impossible to to find a correct answer for the ethical issues, and this is not my aim with this essay, I am more interested in explaining how complex this issue is and how contradictory views we have on it.

From words to actions The first problem and also a good starting point for analysis is the usage of terminology. When I first started to read into the matter, I immediately encountered the complexity of the issue on the base of gender.

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The most usual and also most acceptable form of genital alteration in Western world seems to be male circumcision. This has caused several other forms of genital alterations to be called also circumcision, even though it is a specific medical procedure describing the removal of foreskin from male genitalia. She speaks strongly against using circumcision to describe alterations on female genitals as it makes false assumptions to the analogy between these two procedures ibid, Even though clitoridectomy indicates to the removal of the clitoris both clitoral glans or hoodwhich is just one of the parts of external female genitalia, it is being used by Pedersen to describe also the removal of labia minora and majora.

Although the usage of clitoridectomy is not sufficient it feels much more professional and unbiased to use a medical terminology. Pedersen is specifically using the term clitoridectomy and goes even so far as to say that she compares female circumcision to the amputation of penis Pedersen, Darby and Svoboda use in their article the term genital alteration Darby, Svoboda, We have terms like circumcision both male and female Dice Brush Hurt, genital mutilation also bothcutting femalemedical terms clitoridectomy and penectomy.

Whilst I do prefer medical terminology when speaking about specific procedures, for example if it is Muslim or Jewish boy then he is being in my opinion circumcised, and if girls clitoris is removed then it is clitoridectomy.

It is a common practice among Jews and Muslims, traditional cultures in Radiculiidi valu liigestes, Asia and Oceania, and it is also common among all newborn males in the USA, regardless of their parents religion.

Such ritual circumcisions also take place in Aboriginal Australia, the Philippines, Eastern Indonesia, and Melanesia, with wide variation in procedures. Similar variation exists in the religious circumcisions conducted among Islamic and Jewish populations. Even the clinical circumcisions familiar to many of my students vary widely, as judgments regarding the amount of skin to be removed from the penis are left to the skill and aesthetic preferences of the individual doctor.

Indeed, while the majority of circumcisions are performed on newborns, a minority undergo the operation after infancy, and some men choose to be recircumcised in later years due to dissatisfaction with the original result see Altschul For Muslims the case is not so clearcut and is varying in Dice Brush Hurt length, usually being performed on the 7th day or up to prepuberty at the age of That depends on the quality of medical procedures with well developed medical networks it is usually done right after birth and in the hospitaltraditions from 5 year olds in Central Asia up to 12 in Indonesia and Malaysia.

So in many cases circumcision among Muslims is performed when males will remember it and are aware of the procedure performed on them.

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Superincision, where a dorsal slit is made in the foreskin, is performed in several Pacific Dice Brush Hurt societies see Firth ; Kempf Subincision, a far more invasive procedure, involves slitting open the whole or part of the penile urethra along the ventral or under surface of the penis. The initial cut is generally about an inch long, but this may be enlarged so that the incision extends from the glans to the root subsequently of the scrotum, in this way the whole of the under part of the penile urethra is laid open.

Referencing to Dr. This skin is called foreskin or prepuce. Type 2: This type is practiced mainly by Jews. The circumciser takes a firm grip of the foreskin with his left hand. Having determined the amount to be removed, he clamps a shield on it to protect the glans from injury. The knife is then taken in the right hand and the foreskin is amputated with one sweep along the shield. This part of the operation is called the milah. It reveals the mucous membrane inner lining of the foreskinthe edge of which is then grasped firmly between the thumbnail and index finger of each hand, and is torn down the center as far as the corona.

This second part of the operation is called periah. It is traditionally performed by the circumciser with his sharpened fingernails. Type 3: This type involves completely peeling the skin of the penis and sometimes the skin of the scrotum and pubis. It existed and probably continues to exist among some tribes of South Arabia. Jacques Lantier describes a similar practice in black Africa, in the Namshi tribe. Type 4: This Dice Brush Hurt consists in a slitting open of the urinary tube from the scrotum to the glans, creating in this way an opening that looks like the female vagina.

Called subincision, this type of MGA is still performed by the Australian aborigines. Yes, type 2 is the most regular genital alteration being performed on men, but FGA type 3 is not, it is around 15 percent of the FGA procedures Bell, ,